BOSSE is a real estate firm based in New York City providing building management, construction and brokerage services. For over a decade, Bosse and its subsidiaries have extended their services over an array of properties and holdings in New York City, Nantucket, Atlanta and Fairfield County. A refined faculty for design and deeply entrenched understanding of tradition lies at the heart of the firm's interest in exploring progressive environmental opportunities.

Bosse offers superior, innovative property management services in Manhattan. Bosse compliments the interests of its clients with innovative strategies to achieve desired results. Informed by significant owner/operator experience, Bosse looks to improve the overall urban living experience by maximizing opportunities for the buildings it manages. Bosse elevates the distinction of its individual properties to ultimately create value at no additional expense to the residents/clients.
Please contact Bosse for more information on employing its strategies. Bosse also offers boutique management services for individual residences.

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As a registered real estate brokerage firm in New York City, Bosse is steered by social responsibility in its activities and pursuits. Every member of the Bosse team upholds the firm's common interest in developing and maintaining quality relationships with the community. A higher standard of professionalism, respect for the environment, and vast industry experience draws the most sophisticated and discerning clients to Bosse. In addition to commercial and investment property markets, the firm maintains active involvement in the residential luxury market as well.
Bosse has subsidiary brokerage offices on Nantucket and in Atlanta.

For more information and current listing please contact us at tel: 212 996 8564 or email us at:

BOSSE is a full service, licensed and insured general contractor operating in New York City, Nantucket, Fairfield county and eastern Long Island. The firm draws on its extensive 15 year industry experience in construction management to fulfill client interests and deliver residential homes, renovations and millwork of exceptional quality. With utmost attention to detail and execution, Bosse provides impressive results that meet- and exceed- client expectations.
Please contact Bosse for more information on employing its services on upcoming projects.

BOSSE Lifestyle & Caretaking Management

Living in a BOSSE managed building entitles the residents access to the Lifestyle Management Division. This department caters to the residences providing all Home related maintenance from handyman tasks & decorating to housekeeping, As well as major overhaul renovations.

Personal luxury services are also managed, everything from Personal shopping & Travel arrangements, to Restaurant, Nightlife, Beauty Health & Spa reservations.

This multi dimensional service is specifically designed to make your living experience as gratifying as possible. We recognize the importance of time management and personalize the service to fit each resident's lifestyle.

BOSSE Caretaking offers an extensive range of services: